Journeyman's story

There are thousands of printers out there, most of whom have similar equipment. Here at Journeyman, it’s about a lot more than what we have on the floor. It’s about the relationships we build and the personal service we deliver. Every client matters, and every job is important.

Journeyman was founded as Letchmere Lithograph in 1980. The name was changed in 1987 when Steve Silverstein came on as president. Today, Dana Thoms is at the helm, having taken over as Journeyman’s owner in 2014. Dana’s love for the print industry comes from 25+ years of hands-on experience. His enthusiasm for printing is equally shared by his employees.

As part of Journeyman’s commitment to its clients, the company continues to invest in the future of printing. We purchase new equipment and expand our offerings to give clients what they deserve. As the industry changes, so does Journeyman.

The project management team

Although customer service rep is a common title in the print industry and has become familiar to customers, it doesn’t do justice to Journeyman’s Project Management Team.

Here, where caring for customers comes first, this is the most important role. Their function is complex. They maintain critical business relationships. They monitor the production of jobs all the way through the plant. They communicate extensively and proactively with their customers. This role is highly vital to the success of Journeyman Press.

Our Project Management Team has over 125 years of print industry experience among them. They have an extensive print knowledge base, and they have broad experience working in every department within a printing company.

Journeyman’s Project Management Team is not “sales back up.” Some have run presses and run entire departments. They have ordered paper, done estimating, run bindery equipment and handled quality control. They know about digital as well as commercial printing. It may be that their hands-on manufacturing experience is what makes them exceptional.

Journeyman’s Project Management Team is the beating heart of the company, in that they are personally responsible for working with our customers and ensuring that work is produced as expected. Job by job, they help instill trust in Journeyman Press, and they do it by giving every customer personal attention.