Journeyman - A fully accomplished craftsperson. We believe The Journeyman Press is the only printer that is named for its workers.

Founded as Letchmere Lithograph in 1980, the name was changed in 1987 when Steve Silverstein joined the company as president. Along with a name change, Steve instilled a new attitude of pride, quality and competitiveness. In 1989, a tornado swept through Newburyport, taking with it the roof over Journeyman's facility and most of our equipment. Relocating to our present site, we have grown from our original space and now occupy 60,000 sq. ft. This allows us to keep all our services – from prepress to mailing – all under one roof.

Our quest for excellent service, competitive pricing and the perfect printed image remains our ultimate goal.

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Please direct general inquiries to sales@jpress.com or call:
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