Why Journeyman?

If you studied the capabilities of a cross section of commercial printers, you won’t necessarily see any difference. We can’t argue with you. Commercial printers look alike. 

In fact, it’s not until you work with a printer that you find out whether they’re a good fit. So we thought about why clients choose to work with – and stay with – Journeyman Press.

After speaking with many of them, and gathering feedback from CSRs and sales reps, here’s the Journeyman difference:

Here's the Journeyman difference

You’ll never worry about the status of your job.

Starting with the minute we receive your job file, we’ll let you know what’s what with your schedule. Imagine: never wondering if we got the file, if we have questions, when you can expect your proof, and when you might see delivery. You won’t have to chase us.

We’re proactive communicators.

Journeyman sales and service reps are skilled at proactive communication with clients. We’ll give you daily information that includes production schedule updates, receipt of materials, shipping confirmation and more. All of this adds time to your day.

We’re known for our “Yes” mentality.

From the top down (Dana Thoms hates to say “No”), Journeyman Press has a distinctive can-do attitude. We genuinely want to help you and find ways to make you succeed. If there’s a way to get something done for you, we’ll find it.

You’ll always get options and creative ideas.

We don’t just turn around quote requests quickly (same day is typical), we also offer you options so that you can consider alternatives that might, for example, save money, fix a potential mailing issue, enhance the printing technique, or shorten the production time.

We have a 98% on-time delivery record.

For years we’ve tracked our delivery records, and it’s with extreme pride that we can say that 98% of our projects are delivered on time or earlier. In this business, that’s outstanding.

We do what we say.

Giving customers our word that a job will get done as expected, for the price agreed upon, and delivered as promised is how we conduct our business. It’s all about integrity and a high level of professional service.

These are the qualities that make Journeyman Press a different kind of printer. And it wouldn’t be possible without our team of print, production, mail, sales and service professionals.

Offering customers the very best service is what guides our business every day. The relationships we build drive everything.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect print partner for you?